I highly recommend Suzie for sleep issues. She helped me after years of going to many doctors. She is very skilled and has been studying and learning from many modalities. Her empathy and motivation come from suffering from insomnia herself. She is very thorough and gets to the root cause of the disease of not sleeping. After a 26 page intake form, she is a sleep sleuth uncovering the layers of the mysteries of insomnia. Her brilliant mind, intuition and big heart have changed my life as I am able to sleep again. I am deeply grateful!!!

-Jane Winter


Suzie is an amazing combo of laser focus, overflowing compassion and deep intuition. Her insight and guidance has helped me immensely to reclaim my sense of balance and purpose when I needed it the most.

She gently reminded me of what’s most important in my life, my family! Suzie helped me figure out how to maintain a sense of ease and calm amidst the chaotic balancing act of my life. The way she weaves her vast working knowledge of health with her understanding of life as a working mother has helped me create practical changes in my own life in digestible doses. She is a powerhouse of love and light for positive change. I can not thank her enough for all her support and inspiration!

-Heidi Sanders

Judy & Jules

We are incredibly thankful for her help

May of 2015, I gave birth to my first child.

I was overwhelmed with joy along with advice of what to expect in the coming months as a new mom.

One of the first major milestones was getting my son to sleep through the night. I was working part time & bringing him to work with me so I was concerned of his daily nap disruptions.

To much relief, I came across Suzie Senk & I contacted her immediately for proper direction in this matter. She presented a couple of questionnaires to complete & made many suggestions as to correct his current sleeping patterns so that he was receiving the proper rest he needed.

He now sleeps through the night & has a schedule to follow so that he gets the rest needed on the days I work.

I would highly recommend Suzie’s services to anyone who has any issues with their child’s sleep schedule. We are incredibly thankful for her help.

-Susan Rex Durham

Suzie has helped me think about boundaries

Before working with Suzie, I felt exhausted, frustrated, and helpless. Now I feel empowered to comfort and help my child through all of his milestones, “growing pains,” and whatever comes along.

Before Suzie, we were waking 3-5x/night to nurse and nursing to sleep at nap time and bedtime. Now I am able to help my son fall asleep without nursing or riding in the car. I have gained enormous confidence in my ability to sooth and comfort him, as well as sense of courage to see it through no matter how hard it may seem.

Suzie has also helped me think about boundaries. I was able to reflect on how my relationship to boundaries was affecting my parenting as well as other areas in my life.

Suzieʼs warm, sensitive, and insightful sessions are a very empowering process. We are now both sleeping through the night and reaping the benefits.

Mahalo Suzie!

-Larissa Varaday


My 4 year old, who had always been a great sleeper, suddenly started waking up in the night.

He said he was afraid of monsters. I tried to help him feel better but to no avail.

The night before I contacted Suzie, he had been awake almost the entire night and had turned on every light in the house (except my bedroom).

He was so exhausted the next morning that he passed out at 9 am.

Suzie solved my son’s fears in one conversation with him – It was amazing!

That very night after we met with her, my son slept soundly through the night again and has slept well ever since!